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Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore

Dreamed of Singapore as a honeymoon destination? The island city is a true marvel of sights and sounds, both man-made and natural. From the marvelous display of water and lights to the numerous beaches, Singapore is all about sci-fi architecture, billion-dollar gardens, contemporary art, striking new hotels, and of course a retail joyride. The island country disappoints no one who visits this place for a vacation as there are many places to visit in Singapore for honeymoon. There are so many places where a newlywed couple can visit to spend some cherishable moments. It is a perfect place for those who like a happening place and want to spend some quality time with their partner. Also, the best time to visit Singapore for a honeymoon is between February and April.

These attractions in Singapore are perfect for couples to visit on their honeymoon. Look below for the top places to visit in Singapore for a honeymoon with your precious someone.

  • Changi Point Coastal Walk: A Romantic Walk
  • The Ritz-Carlton: A Lavish Stay
  • Bukit Batok Town Park: A Honeymoon Selfie
  • Singapore River: Cruise Down
  • Jewel Box: A Date
  • Marina Bay Sands: Light & Water Show
  • Gardens By The Bay: For Nature Lovers
  • Beaches Of Sentosa: Romance
  • The Botanic Gardens: Stroll Through
  • St John’s Island: Play With The Dolphins
  • Yueh Hai Ching Temple: Seek Blessings
  • Esplanade Roof Garden: Enjoy The Views
  • Singapore Flyer: Adore The City
  • Universal Studios: For Thrill-Seekers
  • Fort Canning Hill: Soak Scenic Views
  • Mount Faber: Spike Up Your Adrenaline
  • Marine Life Park: Selfie with fish
  • Henderson Waves: Take Romantic Stroll
  • Haji Lane: Shopping
  • Night Safari: For Wild Evenings

1. Changi Point Coastal Walk: A Romantic Walk

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Changi Point Coastal Walk

One of the most romantic places to visit in Singapore for honeymoon is Changi Point is known for its coastal walk for a stunning view of the sea, offshore kellongs, and boats. Get enchanted by the heritage trees, the hilltop chalets, and the lush greenery as you enjoy a stunning sunset with your loved one. Romance 101!

Timings: Open 24 Hours

2. The Ritz-Carlton: A Lavish Stay

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore The Ritz Carlton

A stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia for is among the most exotic Singapore honeymoon places. It is not only known for its unrivaled view of the Singapore skyline and Marina Bay, but also its collection of modern and contemporary art by renowned artists such as Dale ChihulyAndy Warhol, and Frank Stella. Make sure you enjoy the panoramic view while soaking in ‘the Second Honeymoon Dip’ drawn by the Ritz bath butler, specially for you. Honeymoon on track!

3. Bukit Batok Town Park: A Honeymoon Selfie

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Bukit Batok Town Park

Bukit Batok Town Park is amongst the best places to visit in Singapore for honeymoon. A popular spot for couples and wedding photographers, Xiao Guilin is known primarily for its beautiful landscaped views. Take a romantic stroll through the scenic forests, besides the picturesque tranquil lake known as Xiao Guilin by the locals. Time for a honeymoon selfie!

4. Singapore River: Cruise Down

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Singapore River Cruise

A honeymoon in Singapore is incomplete without a drift along the Clarke Quay to see the city’s historic elements, giving you an amazing view of Marina Bay Sands, the Merlion, and other famous landmarks. Or spend a breezy, beautiful evening on the river with your loved one watching the light show. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in Singapore.

5. Jewel Box: A Date

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Jewel Box

The Jewel box is among the best and most romantic honeymoon destinations in Singapore. Visit Mount Faber Park, one of the best naturally made spots in Singapore, to get a picturesque view of the whole city including the harbor. Also, make sure you cozy with your partner in the cable car ride to the park or reserve the Jewel Box for a romantic dinner while shuttling over the city. Romance mid-air just got a new twist.

6. Marina Bay Sands: Light & Water Show

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Marina Bay Sands2

Marina Bay Sands is amongst the best Singapore attractions for couples. Take a slow stroll by the Marina Bay Sands enjoying the laser light show, a spectacular display of water jets, lasers and fire geysers which is sure to take your breath away. Follow it up with champagne at the KU DÉ TA Club Lounge while gazing at the 360-degree view of Singapore atop the Marina Bay Sands. The evening will hit the next level of romance at this most romantic getaway in Singapore.

7. Gardens By The Bay: For Nature Lovers

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Gardens By The Bay1

If you’re on your honeymoon to Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is the place you can’t skip. There are gardens and then there are state-of-the-art gardens.. See the native and exotic plants under the stunning energy and water-conserving Supertrees and man-made mountain biome. The future of romance is here at these awesome places to visit in Singapore on a honeymoon. There are plenty of places to visit near Gardens by the Bay that you can check out.

8. Beaches Of Sentosa: Romance

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Beaches Of Sentosa

Sentosa island has to be on the list of places to visit in Singapore for honeymoon. Known for its pristine beaches in Singapore, sea sports and retreats, enjoy a relaxed morning on the white sands with your love. Go for a nature walk at the Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom or a game of beach volleyball on the Siloso Beach. Also, make sure you indulge in the ‘Spa Two-Gether Day’ at the luxurious Spa Botanica for a romantic end to your day.

9. The Botanic Gardens: Stroll Through

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore The Botanic Gardens

Wander through this lush green retreat and the virgin rainforest for a beautiful beginning to your day. Make your way to the National Orchid Garden, amidst the enchanting collection of over 2000 orchids. Follow it by a gourmet expedition at the gorgeous Corner House restaurant nestled in the Botanic Gardens. Could the day get any better? It is one of the most beautiful places in Singapore.

10. St John’s Island: Play With The Dolphins

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore St John   s Island

Bask in the blue lagoons and tranquil settings of St John’s Island. Only 15 minutes away from the city, this remote island is filled with lush gardens and trees. Spend a romantic picnic on this paradisiacal island away from the busy city and if you are in the mood, spot some dolphins too. The best time to visit Singapore for a honeymoon is from February to April. There are so many exciting adventures that you can have in Singapore in March.

This is just scratching the surface of the many fabulous Singapore attractions for couples. An exotic nightlife, adventurous water sports, amazing cuisine, and charming temples in the shadow of skyscrapers, Singapore is a uniquely romantic getaway.

11. Yueh Hai Ching Temple: Seek Blessings

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Yueh Hai Chang Temple

This UNESCO heritage temple reflects China’s ancient culture and often called out as the ‘Temple of Love’. This temple is one of the must-visit places to visit in Singapore for honeymoon to make a beautiful start of their new life together. Along with this, the temple is also home to gold gilded historical ornamentation and ceramic figurines.

12. Esplanade Roof Garden: Enjoy The Views

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Esplanade Roof Garden

Enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the Marina Bay standing at the height of the Esplanade Roof Garden. Adorned with manicured lawns and small shrub trees, it is one of the most beautiful gardens in Singapore. The place has comfortable seating areas for visitors to sit back and witness the magnificent view of the city. To enjoy a relaxing evening away from the crowd, this place is one of the best Singapore honeymoon places and a great location to barge in with your partner after the sunsets.

13. Singapore Flyer: Adore The City

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Singapore Flyer1

Want to have a romantic date with your spouse on your honeymoon in Singapore? Singapore Flyer is one of the best couples of hangout places in Singapore to grab dinner together. Enjoy the panoramic views of the city from an exhilarating height while you sip on the champagne and feast upon delectable cuisine. It is one of the nicest experiences to have on your honeymoon in Singapore.

14. Universal Studios: For Thrill-Seekers

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Universal studios1

Universal Studios is one of the best places to visit in Singapore and it is the dream of every other traveler to visit it once in their life. So, if you are traveling to Singapore, why miss out on this? And trust us, there is nothing better than an adventurous experience to get closer to each other. Universal Studios Singapore is not only filled with adventures but also places to eat and more.

15. Fort Canning Hill: Soak Scenic Views

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Fort Canning hill

How about holding hands together and having picturesque views from a hill? Well, if you are interested, then, Fort Canning hill will surprise you like none other. It is a fort located on a hill and offers scenic views. If you both love history, you will love this place.

16. Mount Faber: Spike Up Your Adrenaline

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Mount Faber

Another hill-top fantasy-filled world of entertainment and fun, Mount Faber is one of the best places to visit in Singapore for honeymoon. You will be going through a cable car up the hill while soaking jaw-dropping views. Once you reach the peak, you will have a plethora of amazing things to do. Later you could go to one of the charming cafes in Bishan for a quick coffee date.

17. Marine Life Park: Selfie With Fish

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Marine Life Park

Marine Life Park is one of the best places to visit in Singapore for honeymoon couples where you could spend a day walking around the museum and observe fish and other marine creatures. It is one of the largest aquariums in the world. So, it kind of makes a mandatory visit on your honeymoon. You could take pictures and post them on Instagram. It will be surprisingly a fun place for you to spend the day. You should visit.

18. Henderson Waves: Take A Romantic Stroll

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves is a cool couple hangout places in Singapore where you guys could take a romantic stroll in the evening and admire the lush greenery of the island from the top. The bridge is constructed in the form of waves and its modern architecture is a fascinating thing to admire. When you want to skip the touristy crowd, remember to go to this place. Taking a walk here is one of the free things in Singapore.

19. Haji Lane: Shopping

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Haji Lane

If you want to enjoy a suave shopping experience on your Singapore honeymoon trip, then you guys should head to Haji Lane. the vibrant street is famous for colorful murals and designer boutiques from where you could buy quirky designer clothes and accessories. This is one of the greatest Singapore honeymoon destinations if you owe each other honeymoon presents. Wicked laundry, Dulcet Fi, and Fabulous Fads are some of the designer boutiques to look out for. You will also find charming cafes to refresh your appetite. It is indeed one of the best honeymoon places in Singapore if you are a shopaholic and extravagant couple.

20. Night Safari: For Wild Evenings

Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore Night Safari entrance 2016

Night Safari is one of the most memorable experiences to have on your Singapore honeymoon trip in case you have no plans in the night. If you guys love adventure, then Night safari makes one of the best places to visit in Singapore for honeymoon. It is the first nocturnal zoo in the world. So, if nothing lure you here, maybe curiosity will.

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