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10 Exciting Places to Visit India in July

July cannot be tagged as a summer month nor is its monsoon season. Monsoon would have started to wet the land and the temperature would be moderate. This is the right time for people who want to wander a lot. With monsoon, the plants would be rich and many tourist activities would be at their prime beauty. Traveling will be easier with the pleasant climate in India.

This article talks about 10 exciting places to visit in India in July. This does not mean that these places would not be appealing during other seasons. If you are flying in July, these are the top attractive places in India.

1. Goa

Monsoon can do wonders to a beach vacation spot. Goa has more than 30 beaches and it goes without saying that Goa would be a paradise in July. The wildlife sanctuaries are must visit in Goa during this season as you can find a lot of animals and lush vegetation. Dudhsagar Falls and Mollem national park are the top attractions in July. Boat cruise on Mandovi River is another activity for monsoon tourists.

10 Exciting Places to Visit India in July Goa

2. Kerala

It is a paradise even during the off-season. The backwaters and lakes will be filled with water making it wonderful for all kinds of adventure sports. Backwater cruise, Ayurvedic massages, and cultural activities are a few unique things that you can find only during the winter season. Top activities to enjoy during winter in Kerala are backwater cruise, tea plantation, snake boat race, Munnar excursion, beach activities, and many others.

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3. Ladakh

Ladakh is located in Jammu and Kashmir. This place has the top three highest mountain passes in the world. This place is known for its various adventure activities like trekking, mountain pass riding, river rafting, and others. River rafting is a very famous activity in Ladakh which is available only during the monsoon season. Since the rainfall is not very heavy in July, trekking trails will be open. Visit Lake Pangong during rain. Camping near the river is not advised during the monsoon season.

10 Exciting Places to Visit India in July Ladakh

4. Mount Abu

Mount Abu is located in Rajasthan. Rainfall is very scarce in Rajasthan. But, most of the rainfall that occurs in Rajasthan happens in Mount Abu. You can find a lot of diverse vegetation, green mountains and other nature elements in this hill station. Top places to visit in Mount Abu in July are Dilwara Jain temple, the wildlife sanctuary of Mount Abu, Abu road, Achalgarh, Guru Shikar, Trevor’s tank, and others.

10 Exciting Places to Visit India in July Mount Abu 1024x768

5. Shillong

Shillong is also called as the Scotland of East. It is located in Meghalaya. It is one of the places that attract a lot of tourists during the rainy season due to its wildlife, beauty, and others. In July, the rainfall would be average and the tourist population would be low which make this place a paradise. The place has waterfalls, hills, lakes and a lot of other interesting areas. Top places to visit in Shillong are Shillong peak, museum of indigenous culture, laitlum canyons, elephant falls and Mawjymbuim caves.

10 Exciting Places to Visit India in July Shillong 1024x619

6. Coorg

Coorg is the prettiest place in India when it is raining. Coorg is a small hill station in Karnataka. From July to September, this place is filled with lush vegetation, cool mountains, valleys, exotic collection of flowering plants and many others. July is the beginning of tourist season here. Thus, you would find all the attractions and yet the crowd of tourists would be comparatively less. Top places to visit in Coorg are Abbey Falls, Brahmagiri peak, Dubare elephant camp, Nagarhole national park, Iruppu falls, Chettali, Raja’s seat, Mandalpatti viewpoint, and Cauvery Nisargadhama.

10 Exciting Places to Visit India in July Coorg 1024x609

7. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The place is a beach paradise with white sand, turquoise water, clear waves, adventure activities, warm lagoon and much more. A lot of beaches would be out of reach during the rainy season. But, in July, the rain has just started and the place would be a wonderful sight. Top places to visit in rain are Radhanagar, Phoenix Bay jetty, and dolphin resort. You can enjoy a wide range of water activities here. Lagoon swimming is also an exciting activity in July.

10 Exciting Places to Visit India in July Andaman 1024x685

8. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal’s tourist season is the summer season. Kodaikanal is an important hill station in Tamil Nadu. It is considered as the princess of all hill stations. The rainy season begins in July and thus, you would not be experiencing heavy showers. The place will be very pleasant, the lake will be full and the climate will be misty. This is the right season for those who want some adventure vacation in Kodaikanal. Top attractions to enjoy in Kodaikanal in July are Kodai lake, Berijam lake, Bear shoal falls, plantations, Palani hills, green valley view, and pillar rocks.

10 Exciting Places to Visit India in July Kodaikanal

9. Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a small town that is built over five hills in Himachal Pradesh. The place is very pleasant and very green in the monsoon season. The scenic value of the place is very high due to the mild rain. Top five places to visit in Dalhousie during monsoon season are Khajjiar, Kalatop rest house, Kalatop wildlife reserve, Dainkund peak, and Ganji Pahari.

10 Exciting Places to Visit India in July Dalhousie

10. Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a tourist attraction in Uttarakhand in the foothills of Garhwal ranges. If you are visiting in July, the first activity to enjoy is visiting the place from Dehradun in a car. The journey would be breathtaking. The showers are mild and thus, travel will be easy and safe. There are a lot of tourist scenic places that looks more refreshing with rain. This place is all about sightseeing. You can watch the Himalayan ranges, a couple of temples, Battha waterfalls and a few churches here. This is for those who want a serene vacation.

10 Exciting Places to Visit India in July Mussoorie 1024x708
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